Modern Voting

I love election day! I was raised on politics watching CNN as soon as I could open my eyes. I knew more about the 1988 election at age 7 than most adults four times my age. Election day is my Olympics. I vote early and I vote often (just kidding about the second part, I’m not an Obama Democrat).

One of my favorite parts of Election Day is the things I hear when I am at the polling location. I get a good laugh out of misinformed and naive people I hear talking to the Election officials and themselves as they are casting their ballot.

Last August during the Primaries was one of my favorites was hearing a woman come in and ask for an “Independent” ballot, and then complaining that none of the major party candidates were available for choosing. The official informed her that if she wants to vote for a Major Party she needs to choose a Republican or Democrat ballot. Something she was not willing to do. Fortunately for me the very next person asked the official where the list of Presidential candidates was on her ballot. “Well, mam, this is not a Presidential Election year.” To which she stated “Well, that is ridiculous” After an elderly woman broke election laws and blatantly, if not accidentally, campaigned for a State Senate candidate in a polling location, I submitted my ballot and left.

Today while voting in the General, there were not as many people being the early hour I was voting, however I did hear the official inform voters at least four times to use the “soft” end of the stylus to sign their name on the iPads that have replaced the classic book of registered voters. I can only imagine the amount of scratch marks made by the hard metal end of the stylus against the glass surface around the signature area.

I really don’t trust using computers for voting purposes, but I also waited three and a half hours to vote in 2004 due to a 98 year old woman and one registration book. So, I get it. That does not change the fact that I handed over the wrong voter registration card belonging to the woman who lived in the house previously and they did not notice I am not a woman, but fortunately I did before I signed. We need to provide ID. I know, not everyone has a driver’s licence, but we need to be required to provide ID. Voting is the right (and blessing) of American citizens. The election committee should be required to make sure that law is always upheld. But that is a story for another time.

I am waiting patiently for the results to roll in and I can not wait for two years from now.

Happy Voting America!


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