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How To Save A Walrus In 10 Easy Steps

1. Find a walrus

2. Become friends with the walrus

3. Buy the walrus a drink

4. Buy the walrus 25 more drinks (you need the walrus to be quite drunk, and walruses can really hold their liquor)

5. Convince the walrus that he is beautiful

6. Put the walrus in your car. (This won’t be simple as walruses are quite large)

7. Drive the walrus to the closest AA meeting

8. Find the walrus a sponsor and convince him to get help

9. Help the walrus conquer his addictions

10. Place the walrus on a nice ice flow and let him continue his life.


Created using the Prompts app. Such a ridiculous topic I had to write and post. No walruses were harmed in the making of this post. Do not get walruses drunk, it can be quite messy.