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A Little Time Costs Nothing

We get 24 hours in a day. For most of us a quarter of that time is spent sleeping. that leaves 18 hours of productivity. We choose to fill that time with work, family, friends, maybe eating. But, lets be honest, most of us spend the majority of our time just wasting time. I do it, you do it. We all do it. Playing games, iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Tumblr,  Fumblr. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Amazon Not so prime (aka reading)

We waste so much of our 18 hours just wasting time. I’m not accusing. I do it too. And because we waste so much time, we often feel rushed because we feel we have so little time. Or, for some of us, looking and feeling busy is the rush we desire. I think I already wrote on this topic, maybe not, but looking busy has become a personality trait for many. I’m funny, he’s athletic, She’s always busy. (Or he’s always busy, not to judge) We rush around and we don’t have time for simple things.

I’m not talking about family, friends, watching birds and smelling flowers. Those things are cute, but the simple things I’m talking about are as follows:

1: Putting your shopping cart back in the return area. And I’m not talking about leaving it in the general area, barely touching the one in front of it, but still hanging out in the parking lot. I mean pushing it all the way down the chute and possibly even slamming it into the back of the previous one so they all lock together. It’s so tacky and annoying when I’m returning my cart and I cant even get it into the chute because everyone has just left a pile. So busy they just couldn’t give it a good shove. Who does this affect. First of all, me! Secondly the guys and girls making minimum wage fetching these carts. They should be able to hook them up in a little train and return them. Instead they spend most of their time having to push them all together. Which breaks their backs and leaves more and more shopping cart mess in the parking lot. And if you are the person who leaves your cart in the parking space next to you…. I’m coming for you!

2: Saying hello to the Walmart greeter. (This also applies to Target, Home Depot, and any other shopping center or market that employs someone usually elderly or disabled to say hello and make you feel welcome) Saying hello costs no energy and takes no time. They say hello, you say hello. Maybe smile, but its not required. Of course, I’ve lived in places where if someone says hello to you on the street, there’s a pretty good chance you are going to be leaving with less money. But, I can 99.9% assure you the Walmart greeter isn’t going to mug you or swindle you into buying them a new car. Just say hello.

3: Cleaning up the mess you made on or around your table at a restaurant. I’ve eaten with kids, and they can be messy. I’ve eaten with adults, and they can be messy. I get it. You’re having a great time eating and celebrating and throwing your bread up in the air and sometimes things will fall to the floor. But, if you are able to pick up your fork, napkin, onion ring, or 4 month old baby, that would be a great help to the servers and busboys so they don’t have to climb under the table. And if they aren’t the cleaning type so the next customer doesn’t have to step on your fork, napkin, onion ring, or 4 month old baby. It doesn’t take that much time and it’s a great help.

4: Putting clothes back on the hanger at a store. Many places employ armies whose entire job it is to put clothes away. But, you know there are other places where an hour after opening it looks like a tornado came through and knocked every article of clothing off its hanger and onto the floor or draped over the rack. It’s a disaster for the employees and future shoppers. I won’t say I’m the biggest fan of hanging up clothes, but how much time and energy does it really take to notice a shirt is the wrong size and to put it back on the hanger it came off of? This also applies to folded clothes, but I would recommend having a PhD in Foldology first.

Yes, we are busy. Some days are more rushed that others. But, if you take a little extra time to help a fellow man or woman, the world might be just a little nicer.


People Need Turn Signals

I first had this theory a few Christmases ago when I was doing my shopping.

I was driving through the parking lot at the O’Fallon Walmart searching for a parking spot. My eyes were darting around, checking traffic, looking for spots and most of all keeping an eye on all the people walking around.

There is this rule we all know. In the hierarchy of transportation. Pedestrians have right of way over cars. It makes sense, cars are bigger than people and hitting a person with a car makes them break. I have no problem stopping and letting people cross or not following too closely if they are walking in the middle of the road. I consider myself to be very courteous.

However, this hierarchy does not give the pedestrian to act like a moron. All around the world people dart into traffic. They are walking down the sidewalk and then suddenly they cross in front of you without looking. They push their shopping carts out of the store that full speed without checking traffic. Parents don’t hold their kids hands in the parking lot and then the kid dashes to the car. If I hit one of them, it really doesn’t matter whose fault it was, the person could be seriously hurt or killed and my car will be fine.

That is why I propose that people should be required to have turn signals. Maybe some day they will be surgically installed, but for starters all we will need is a belt with lights on each side that either you activate or they sense movement to the side and signal automatically. This would allow drivers to know that the person in front of them is about to step in front of you without thinking. It could work.

Along those lines I also propose rail road style crossing gates for the entrances and exits to stores. If you want to cross the street you must first wait for the gates to open. I have actually seen a system like this. There are places in Ho Chi Minh City (Mainly in the tourist areas) where there are mechanical crossing guards, lights and a warning alarm to let the motorists know people are now free to cross the street willy nilly. It could work.

Before I close this rant I would like to take a moment to address the drivers. Every car has turn signals. They are activated by a little up and down lever on the left side of your steering wheel. You push it up to signal right and you push it down to signal left. It is a very easy process and does not cost anything to use. PLEASE USE THEM!

Every day, I come to an intersection. There is someone in the lane opposite of me. Their signals are not flashing with leads me to believe they will be driving straight. Since I am also going straight I start to pull forward only to discover their car turning left towards me. And the worst is when they get mad at me for getting in front of them. Well, awkward situations like this could be fixed if they had only used their turn signals. Of course this example is a minor annoyance. There are plenty other times when not using signals cause accidents. Changing lanes right into someone, slamming into someone’s rear because they didn’t signal and therefore did not notify the driver that they were going to slow down for the turn. My wife tells me nobody in Missouri uses them, its just the way things are here. But I say they are in cars for a reason people.


Thank you, that is all 🙂

The Ups And Downs Of Car Shopping

The day you go out to buy your next chariot of steel is an amazing day. You walk down the line looking at all the selections, trying to figure out which one you want to be your next ride. This is more than looking for a vehicle, this is about looking for your soul-mate, an extension of yourself, something that is going to define the kind of person you are going to be for the next few years (hopefully). Are you a truck person? A convertible? As a guy is your manhood strong enough to buy a New Beetle or a Sion? Like I said, it is more than just a car. What is your new purchase going to say about you? Personally, I really don’t care too much what the car says about me. I just want a seat that hugs my butt, a good radio and a pedal location that allows me to place my leg the right way. It’s all about enjoyment and comfort. That’s the image I shoot for. Happy and comfortable.

I had my heart set on a Kia Soul. You know the one, the lunch box vehicle that hamsters love to drive and dance around. It fit all my above requirements and it is a fun looking car, and as I have stated before, I am rather fun. The lovely wife and I went down to a local car vending location where they had a good priced, low mileage Soul.  I took a look inside, and then I took it for a spin. Yep, it hugged my butt nicely just like I knew it would. I wanted this car, and would fight off an army of hip-hop hamsters to get it. But before you can buy a car, you have to do the dance.

I hate the dance.. I really really really hate it. Why do we need to do the dance? Why can’t we just be straight up with our fellow man?

“Excuse me dear sir, I would like to pay $$$$$ for this vehicle. Will you sell it to me for that price?”

And then the sales person would answer “Yes” or “No” and if you still want the car you make another offer. It is called haggling. The way all business should be done. Name a price, take it or leave it.

But no, it can’t be that simple. The dance must commence.

He writes a figure down and acts like this price is going to kill him and make his wife leave. But, he is your friend and he wants to give you this wonderful price. Not seeming too desperate you then act disinterested and in an “awe shucks” kind of way, you make a lower offer. Does the sales person then say yes or no? No! Of course not! He has to go back to his boss and acting like your advocate makes a case for you why you should get the bare bottom price. But sadly, the evil boss in the back just can’t do it. And makes another offer, but you know it isn’t going to work out.

Eventually he realizes that you don’t actually have enough money and he is never going to get that price. You shake hands and leave. Hour and a half wasted and you still don’t have a car. Now there isn’t enough time to go to the next dealership and do the dance again.

I hate shopping, but ultimately I hate the dance.